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Keep Losing Your Remote? There’s An App For That

Ever wish there was a quick way to find your keys, your cat or the remote? A company says it has the solution for that problem.

Stick-n-Find makes small stickers about the size of a quarter that your Smartphone can track down with an app. They say you can stick them to any device, person or animal. The app screen looks like  radar and displays all of the items with stickers within range.

 What it doesn’t tell you is what direction to look for the item. It just lets you know if you’re getting closer or farther away.  This doesn’t work like a GPS tracker with a precise location, it’s a little closer to playing a game of Hot and Cold. You can choose to have the sticker flash a light and buzz, much like a pager in a restaurant, to make it easier to find.

The company says the device works great for pets because you can set up an alert to warn you if Fluffy or Fido has wandered out of a preset range. You don’t stick the tracker on your pet, it goes into a tag on the collar.  The range is about a 100 feet.  If your pet takes off across town, this won’t track him down. You’ll just get an alert that he’s not within tracking distance.

The stickers use a watch battery, which Stick-n-Find says lasts about a year.  The stickers are not cheap, they sell for $49.99 plus shipping for a 2-pack. So, you should really, really want to keep tabs on whatever you slap one of these pricey little wonders on.

 ~ Cynthia