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Keep The Taskbar Behind For The True Full Screen Effect

Thomas J. says:

Sometimes when I’m browsing the internet, I like to do it in full screen mode. That’s great, but is there some way to get rid of the taskbar so that it can be completely full screen?

Yes! and here is how to do it: (applies to Windows XP)

Right-click an empty space in the middle of the taskbar and a menu will pop up. Left-click on Properties (In the example below I have highlighted Properties in yellow). 

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A (dialog) box will pop up (across the top it says Taskbar and Start Menu Properties). There are two tabs. Click the tab that says Taskbar.

In the dialog box you will see five options. The third option is Keep the taskbar on top of windows. Uncheck that and click Apply. Then click on OK.

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And there you go! Now the taskbar will only be visible when you are on your desktop. When you have your browser open or you’re writing a letter, you will not be able to see the taskbar.  

Thanks for writing!  

–Lori Cline