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Keep your PC clean with Microsoft Security Essentials

Most people are pretty carefree when it comes to buying security programs like anti-virus or firewalls. It’s not until something drastic happens that we realize the value of these little utilities. Though a large number of users rely on the inbuilt options in windows, the general consensus is that they leave a lot to be desired and cannot be trusted completely.

Well, Not anymore. Ever since Microsoft released Microsoft Security essentials [1], that scenario has changed. This wonderful freebie not only protects you against viruses, spyware and Malware, it works quietly in the background and  doesn’t slow down your system at all, unlike most of the other popular anti-virus programs.

Microsoft Security Essential 2

Microsoft Security Essential 2

The security suite is integrated into the operating system and as a result it’s able to function in the background without hogging system resources and hindering any work that’s going on in the foreground. As per various tests conducted online, it’s able to detect and remove 99% of all  threats in various virus and spyware forms. This performance is not only impressive but a huge upgrade over what Microsoft had to offer previously.

No need to buy expensive anti virus software or spyware solutions anymore. Just go and download the Microsoft security essentials here [1] and keep your PC threat free.

~Yogesh Bakshi