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Keeping Up with Google


Google’s driving me crazy.

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Google Instant Predictions [1], which–due to some minor settings changes to the Google home page–was obsolete by the time it was published (a week later). Shortly after that, another of our writers authored a perfectly good Gmail tip, which was likewise immediately out-of-date. Both of these articles still demonstrated a workable solution to a problem but, changes in access to the settings confused several readers. A couple days ago, I decided to put together an article about Android app updates; one that would include a visit to the Android Market [2] through the direct link on the home screen of an Android phone. I tapped that link and–much to my lack of surprise–there was a new twist. Access through the link to the Market (now Google play), required submission to a new Google Terms of Service Agreement.

This seemingly constant state of flux, combined with a controversial revision of their privacy policies, and the impression of a Google desire for technological world domination, are making it increasingly difficult to write about their products. Frequent reactions to these articles include anger and indifference, with many readers commenting that they refuse to use Google services at all. Since I have long enjoyed the free use of many of their products; website, email, online photo sharing, a 3D modeling program, browser, maps…etc., I’ll continue to ride it out. But, I understand the frustration.

Because–like I said–Google’s driving me crazy…at least that’s who I’m blaming.