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Keyboard Blues

Keyboard Blues

Are you having trouble getting the keys on your keyboard to do what they’re actually supposed to do? Perhaps they work some days, but the rest of the time, you just can’t get them to do anything. Well, if this sounds familiar, you either have a big or a small keyboard problem. Come along with me as I go over both scenarios. I’m here to help you get rid of your keyboard blues!

First, a keyboard problem is usually caused by one of two things: a bad keyboard or a bad motherboard. The first thing to check is if the keyboard is actually still good or not. To do so, find a working keyboard (maybe you have another one lying around your house or maybe you could borrow one from a friend). Unplug your troublesome keyboard and plug the good one in to your PS/2 port. If the other keyboard works, you’ll know you have a bad keyboard and you should probably just go buy a new one. That may not be what you wanted to hear, but hey, it’s better than having a busted PS/2 port!

Now, if the working keyboard did not work, you more than likely have a bad port. Unfortunately, the PS/2 port is part of the motherboard, so you will need to replace your whole motherboard. That may seem like too much hassle or it may be too costly, so if that’s the case, you may want to consider getting a keyboard that works via a USB port. That is, if you have USB ports on your computer (which most do). For the time being at least, it might be a better solution to buy a new keyboard than to pay for a new motherboard. The choice is yours, but at least you now know the cause of your non-functioning keyboard. Either way, I hope you’re back to keyboard bliss soon!

~ Erin