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Keyboard Missing Sleep Button – Help!

Richard VA writes:

I purchased a Keyboard that has no “Sleep” button. How can I setup a button to be a “Sleep Button”?


If your keyboard does not have a sleep button, there are a few ways to put your computer to sleep. The easiest is to click the start button, click the arrow next to shut down and click Sleep. This will put your computer in to sleep mode.

The second way is a bit more difficult, but still not that hard. The first step is to open Notepad and type the following line:

rundll32 powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

Now click File>Save as and change the name to sleep.bat. Also, make sure to change the file type from text document (*.txt) to All Files. Choose your desktop as the location and click save.

Next, right click on sleep.bat on your desktop and click “Create Shortcut.”

Now, right click on Sleep – Shortcut and choose properties. Click in the shortcut key box and hold down a key combination to turn on sleep. Make sure that key isn’t used for something else in windows or it’s a combination of keys (my example is holding down Ctrl and holding down Alt and pressing S).

Click OK.

Next time you press the key combination you set the system will go into sleep mode.