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Keyboard Shortcuts for Applications

Darla from Boston, Massachusetts asks:

I have a couple of programs that I use a lot. I also like using keyboard shortcuts. Is there any way that I can make my own shortcuts for the ones I use the most?

Hi, Darla.

Yes, there most certainly is a way to make keyboard shortcuts for any application that you would like to make one for. And it’s easy to do!

Okay, I use WinRAR a lot, so let’s make a shortcut for that.

First, go to your Start Button and left-click. Then left-click on All Programs.


Your Start menu will then open up. In this case, we’ll go to WinRAR and right-click. Then, in the dialog box that pops up, we’ll left-click on Properties.


A box will pop-up. About halfway down there is a line that says Shortcut key with a box after it that says None, and it will have a blinking vertical line to the right of it.

Choose a letter for your shortcut; I chose W for WinRAR. Type your letter to the right of the blinking vertical line. Don’t try and get rid of the word None; just type the one letter next to it. The computer will automatically put the Ctrl + Alt in for you.


Note: Now the blinking vertical line will be to the right of your typed letter for your shortcut.

Left-click on Apply, and then left-click on OK.

And that’s it! For me, every time I need WinRAR, I just have to use Ctrl + Alt + W.

Great question, Darla! Thanks for writing.

~ Lori Cline