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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Help

We all know that accessing the Windows Help viewer is as easy as clicking on a blank area of the desktop and hitting F1, right? Well, if you didn’t, then now you do! Here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts to make you help experience a lot smoother! Give ’em a try!


F10 – Shows the Options menu

F3 – Snap to the Search box

ALT+C – Shows the Table of Contents

ALT+N – Shows the Connection Settings menu

ALT+LEFT ARROW – View previously viewed topic

ALT+RIGHT ARROW – Move forward to the next topic

ALT+A – Show the customer support page

ALT+HOME – Show the Help and Support home page

CTRL+F – Search the current topic

CTRL+P – Print a topic

HOME – Go to the beginning of a topic

END – Go to the end of a topic