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Sometimes, when I am looking for a program or application in my Windows Start menu, it seems to take up so much time. I have been in search of a quicker more efficient way of navigating through the list of things stored there and I have found a program that does just that. It is called Keybreeze and I think it could really be useful to just about anyone.

Keybreeze, in essence, is a time-saving application that is designed to launch programs by using a few simple keys on your keyboard. Yep, that’s right, no more using the mouse to search through a huge list of programs to find what you need!

Upon initially downloading this program I ran into one problem: It acting as if it did not want to install on my machine. This was easily fixed by running the setup file as the Administrator. Once run this way, it installed in less than a minute.


This program is used by what they call a “hot key”, which by default is the (;) key on your keyboard. By simply pressing this key it pops up a box that you can type in. Using it is as simple as typing the application you are looking for and pressing Enter.


This application also has the ability to allow you to add your own keywords to launch certain programs. You may notice at first that you may have to set up certain key words for specific folders that you access frequently. Along with the many features it contains, there’s also an intuitive online tutorial and FAQ that you can access if you have any issues. So, if you are looking to save some time I would highly recommend the use of the program. Click here [3] for your completely FREE copy.