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KeyPass – The Free Password Manager

Richard from FL writes:

Can you recommend a good, free password manager?

password manager

KeePass is a great secure password manager, available on the web at http://keepass.info/ [1], free of charge.

What makes it so great? Two things:

1.) It securely saves your passwords and other information in an encrypted file and can generate secure passwords for you. We’ve got a great review available at: http://www.worldstart.com/keepass-password-safe-ultimate-password-utility/ [2]

2.) KeePass is also open source, so people have created various applications for phones which allow you take that password file with you on your smartphone. I store all my credit card, billing, account and login information for both my online and real life accounts. That way they are secure and with me wherever I go. I would recommend MiniKeePass for iOS devices at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minikeepass-secure-password/id451661808?mt=8 [3]