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Keystroke Shortcuts for Divider Lines in OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice.org Writer: Quick Divider Lines Using 4 Simple Keystrokes

Every once in a while, you just need a horizontal line in your document to create a visual break of one thing to another… maybe you need to separate a page “headline” from the body of the document or separate different topics from one another in a single document.

Really, there is an unlimited number of possible reasons for wanting that divider line. The question is how do we most efficiently get it?

Four keystrokes will create that divider line from left to right margin – no menus, dialog boxes or holding down a single key until you’ve moved across the width of the document.

Obviously the trick is in which 4 keystrokes you use.

Here are the key combinations I found and the results of each set:

Give them a try – they are one of the easiest things you’ll ever learn to do, when it comes to polishing the look of your documents beyond the usual text formatting stuff.

~ April