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Kindle For PC

If you’ve visited Amazon.com recently, you’ve probably noticed advertisements for its new ‘e-reader’, the Kindle. An e-reader is a physical device that displays e-books and other information on its screen for your enjoyment. Kindle ‘e-books’ are often cheaper than their physical equivalents, and are usually ‘delivered’ in under 60 seconds. The only problem is that the Kindle costs upwards of $250! For those on a tighter budget, Amazon offers some solutions so you can start reading those books.

Kindle for PC

If you’ve got Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later, you can get Kindle for PC, a piece of software which allows you to read Kindle books on your computer. Newspapers and magazines, many of which can currently be read on the physical Kindle, cannot be read on Kindle for PC. To get started with Kindle for PC, click here. After clicking Download Now, you’ll be prompted to save or open/run the file, depending on your web browser. Click Run if the option is available to you. If not, hit Save. Once you’ve opened the installer, you’ll get a security warning. Hit Run…


…and the program will take you through the installer. The installation will complete, and you’ll be ready to read some books! If you’ve already purchased some Kindle books from amazon.com, hit Tools and Sync and Check for New Items. You may be prompted to sign in. Once your book has downloaded, double-click it to start reading. Enjoy!

Kindle for Apple devices

Kindle also has apps for the iPhone (including the iPod Touch) and iPad. This can be very handy, as the apps allow readers to take their books anywhere, just like a ‘real’ Kindle. To download the app, simply click here [1]. iTunes should open automatically (your browser might require your permission to allow iTunes to open), but if it doesn’t, click View in iTunes down on the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.


It’s a free app, so all you have to do now is click Free App and get ready for some reading!

Next time you see a book listed as available on Kindle when browsing Amazon, don’t groan and move on. Grab one of these handy tools so you can start reading e-books today!