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Kindle Textbook Rental

In an attempt to drive even more business their way, online retail giant Amazon announced that it will now offer rental textbooks for Kindle, and for Kindle apps [1]. The e-book equivalent of college bookstore textbook rentals, Kindle Textbook Rental [2] is a route to both increased profits for Amazon, and (hopefully) decreased educational costs for students.

While the savings vary, depending on the textbook chosen and its rental duration, Amazon claims a potential savings of up to 80 percent over the list price of the printed version. In most cases, the minimum rental period is 30 days (although some books require a longer minimum) and the maximum is 360 days.

To find a book, search the Textbooks Store [3]. If one is available for rent on Kindle, that option will be displayed in the Formats section.

kindle_textbook_rental_1 [4]

Once a book has been selected, set a rental end date by clicking the calendar icon to the right of the Ends: field (an end date can be extended at any time). Hovering over a date on the calendar will reveal the cost of renting a book until that time. When a date is set, click the Rent now with 1-Click button.

kindle_textbook_rental_2 [5]

Clicking the Details link (shown above) will reveal more information about terms and price.

kindle_textbook_rental_3 [6]

If you’re a student, or if there’s a student in your family, and you’re burdened by the rapidly increasing cost of a college education, Kindle Textbook Rental [2] offers a convenient way to offset some of those expenses.