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Amazon Kindle VS. Sony eReader


People everywhere are seeing the incredible convenience of Ebook readers. With a portable reader, such as the Amazon Kindle or Sony eReader, you can have hundred of ebooks available at your fingertips.

Whether you are looking for novels or magazines, ebook readers allow you to read books and documents electronically, no paper or ink is needed due to the use of E Ink. E Ink is used with both the Sony eReader and the Amazon Kindle, and while the Sony eReader weighs less, the screens in the two are the same size.

The Amazon Kindle has the added feature of being able to download newspapers and magazines through the included Amazon Whispernet, while the Sony eReader does not have the ability to connect to the Internet without a PC. While the Kindle includes a keyboard, to allow the Internet searches, the Sony eReader is not equipped with a keyboard since it requires a PC to transfer content.

While the two units offer different built-in fonts, the readability of the two is equal. Either one can zoom text for larger type and easier reading, the Sony eReader offers three zoom levels and the Kindle offers six.

The Kindle does not have a landscape mode available for viewing content, it is limited to a vertical, or portrait, mode of content display. However, the Sony eReader offers both viewing versions, which is nice when documents are wider or in PDF format.

The Sony eReader also has its own dedicated music player, and you can view JPEGs on it while the Amazon Kindle does not have these features. On the other hand, the Kindle does have a speaker while the eReader does not. The speaker function allows users to enjoy audiobooks or background music.

The primary difference between the two is their means of receiving content. If much of your content will come from your computer then the Sony eReader would be a good choice, but if you require being able to download and read newspapers in real time then you will want to choose the Amazon Kindle.