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Kindness Above Malice

KAM is an organization that wants to reach out to children and teach them to be kind and help nurture positive self-esteem. This is cause that I’m behind 100%. I fully believe in teaching kids to be kind, and I think with the way that bullying has become a huge problem that organizations that focus on teaching kindness have become necessary.

Meet Kameron Jacobson – in this section you will get to learn about Kameron, the boy whose memory this foundation was created in. Kameron committed suicide because he could no longer take the bullying at school and over the internet.

The Foundation – here you will learn about the foundation’s mission statement. Basically, they want to nurture kindness and positive self-esteem in our children.

Photos – See photos of Kameron, and how his friends and family celebrated his 15th birthday.

Legacy Wall – This section of the site was so touching. It is a guestbook where people can write in to leave their thoughts on how Kameron or his story has touched their life.  To me it is amazing to see the power that just sharing Kameron’s story has had on people he never knew. It is reactions like that – that makes me believe that we can reach people and really start preventing bullying from taking place.

Do you want to get involved? Then check out what you can do in the following sections:

Why Help? – here you’ll learn what your help will do for KAM.

How to Help and Volunteering – these sections will show what you can do to help the organization.

http://www.kindnessabovemalice.org/ [1]