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Kingsoft Office for Android

Chuck asks:

Are there any free Android apps that can edit Word documents? I’ve found several that offer viewing, but no editors.

Thanks for the question, Chuck – and, yes there is such an app. Kingsoft Office for Android (2.1 and above), enables users to view, create, and edit Microsoft compatible documents including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In fact, the greatest difficulty in writing about Kingsoft Office is choosing which of the numerous features to cover. Your question about editing Word documents simplified matters. Of course, as user friendly as they’ve tried to make this app, editing documents on a phone can be impractical (and a little difficult), but convenience occasionally trumps practicality. For example, having a work-in-progress document at your fingertips during a long commute can make productive use of what might otherwise be down time (not that there’s anything wrong with a little down time). Also, for those who prefer to work in a more comfortable environment, Kingsoft Office is available for Android tablets.

Although existing Word documents can be viewed and edited, for this article a new document was created.

To begin, tap the WPS icon in the upper left corner. In the Create section of the menu, tap New Document, and select a template.



The main menu includes Edit, View, and Others. Any of those icons lead directly to the associated functions, but those functions are also revealed by sliding through the lower menu. The paper and pencil icon represents the Edit menu.


The first item on the Edit menu (from left to right) is Insert.


The next menu item is Font.


As it is with several of the menus, more items are revealed by sliding to the right or left (not all menu items displayed below are visible at once). Also demonstrated below is a highlighting technique, using the handle to select text. A long press (touch and hold) reveals the word balloon. Again, sliding through that menu offers additional choices. One of those choices is Select. Tap that and the word in which the cursor rests will be selected, revealing the handle (icon). It’s difficult to see, but sliding either handle–found in opposite corners–highlights text in the direction that it’s pulled.


Tap the Paragraph button, and slide the menu right or left to view the options below.



Tap the styles window (displayed as Normal) to bring up style options. Slide up and down the menu for more selections.


The last option in the Edit menu is Comment & Revise (similar to Track Changes in Word).


The View menu offers Web and Page layouts, a Full Screen view, or Zoom.


With Zoom selected, either choose one of the tabs, tap the plus or minus signs, or use the slider to adjust view magnification.


The Others menu features Word Count, Share, Encrypt, Page Setup, and Reading Setting. Word Count is a tool that should probably be monitored more often by those of us inclined to ramble on, and on…and on.


Once the document is ready, select either Save or Save As from the main menu.


File types appear by pressing the button at the right of the name field. By default, files will be saved directly to the SD card. However, a folder can be selected from the list, and files can be saved there. Tap the folder with the plus sign (upper left below), to create a new folder.


Once a folder has been opened, tapping the arrow at the upper left (displayed below) returns you to the previous location.


Saved documents can also uploaded to cloud storage. Default storage options include; Dropbox, Google Drive, and BOX.NET. Saving to the cloud and Creating Excel spreadsheets will be covered in future articles. Click (or tap) here [1] to install Kingsoft Office for Android from the app store, or visit their site (here [2]) to download Office for Android Tablet.