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Knock To Unlock: LG Replaces Phone Password With Taps

LG’s new LG G Pro 2 phone is what’s called a phablet. At nearly 6″ it’s a cross between a phone and a tablet and has some interesting new features.

One of them is the Knock Code – a new kind of password that relies on a sequence of taps instead of a typed password to open your phone.  It’s an off shoot of LG’s Knock On that lets you open up your phone with a tap instead a swipe.

The Knock Code allows users to power on and unlock their G Pro 2 phones by tapping the screen using one of 86,367 possible knock combinations.

The knock pattern can be entered on any area of the screen, even if the display is turned off and can be composed to a sequence between two to 8 taps.

Other security features include content lock that you can apply to specific files, photos, videos and memos. You can assign specific passwords to to certain content. That means you could hand someone your tablet phone and allow them to look at photos, but they wouldn’t be able to open certain other files.

The Knock Code is one of several alternatives to typing in an alpha numeric password that companies are trying out for better security for mobile devices. Gestures, picture locks, facial recognition and fingerprint scans have been met with varying degrees of success.

~ Cynthia