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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Have you ever heard of this term? It’s not used a lot, but it does have something to do with computers, so it’s helpful to know about it. Basically, a knowledge base is a special kind of database for knowledge management within a computer. It holds all of the computerized information for a system and it is able to retrieve the knowledge as well.

There are two major categories for knowledge bases and those are machine-readable and human-readable. The latter doesn’t have much involvement with computers, but the machine-readable base is stored in a computer-readable form with a set of data that comes with rules that explain the knowledge in a logical manner.

The most important side of a knowledge base is the quality of information it holds. The best ones have well written articles that are updated regularly, a good information retrieval system and a stable content and classification format. All of these can be referred back to a search engine. Also, just for your information, you may sometimes see the words knowledge and base connected together as one. It’s common for it to be all one word (knowledgeable), just like database.

~ Erin