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Kurt Vonnegut’s Home

My final English course is wrapping up this semester, and I was jesting that I’d never have to take another literature course ever again (I’m not sure what I’m doing for my graduate work yet), but it got me to thinking on all the interesting tidbits about authors I’ve learned over the years.  Just a little glimpse into what their lives were like, where they lived, what they read, what they liked to do – that sort of thing. I’m bringing you today’s site with that feeling in mind.

Imgur is a site that lets you share photos with ease. Well someone shared images of their visit to Kurt Vonnegut’s home in Massachusetts. To check out this photo set all you’ll have to once you’re at the site is scroll down.

There are photos of the home, the beach where Vonnegut liked to walk, family pictures, and original art pieces by both Vonnegut and his daughter.

The image set provides an interesting little peak into the world that Vonnegut lived in, so check it out today!

http://imgur.com/a/68zoW [1]