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Laptop Battery Needs Replacing: Help!

Joseph W from United States writes:

What if your computer keeps telling you that your battery is no longer useful and needs to be replaced? Mine does that every day, but I can’t afford a new one because they cost over a hundred dollars and there is no one in my family that even cares about it but me.


Laptop batteries have a limited number of charge/discharge cycles (usually about 500>1000 before they can hold 50% of the charge) and after that the performance drops off quickly till they can no longer successfully charge. Replacing them is a must if you want to move away from the wall socket, but contacting the manufacturer for a replacement can cost hundreds of dollars. I’ve got some good news: you can probably find one for a lot cheaper from a third party seller.

The first step is to locate the model number of your laptop. This model number is usually printed on the underside of your laptop or on the face of the unit. Don’t use the generic model number, use the specific. For my laptop the generic model is Dell XPS 15; the specific model number such is L502X. Dell.com Parts shows the replacement 56WHR battery costing $109.99 + shipping/tax.

If you search on Google or eBay for your laptop make and specific model number followed by battery, (Example: dell l502x battery) you’ll be able to find a lot of non-oem replacements for a FAR cheaper price. Make sure you use a reputable company or seller by checking feedback and reviews on independent websites such as ResellerRatings.com [1].