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Laptop Overheating

My laptop is overheating. Can you recommend any methods or products that would help?

Does your laptop tend to overheat? Is your laptop suddenly shutting down? That could be caused by overheating. You might not immediately notice that your laptop has an overheating problem. Actually, it may take over a year of usage, depending on the type of usage and care you’ve given it. This tip describes some techniques that you can use to prevent laptop overheating problems and therefore extend the life of your laptop.

Typically, laptop overheating is a design flaw. The best way around overheating problems is to not buy a laptop that has an inherent overheating problem. You can do this by going to the laptop manufacturer’s forums and by viewing Internet reviews from credible sites. I did a quick search and found that the Dell Inspiron 1100, 1150, 5100 and 5150 laptops are prone to overheating.

If, however, you’ve already purchased the laptop and are currently facing overheating problems, try these tips:

Check the environment: Using a laptop in a hot environment will inevitably lead to overheating.

Check the laptop vents: Every laptop has vents that channel hot air out of the laptop. These vents should always enable air to pass out of the laptop. You should check for blockages within the laptop and outside the laptop. For example, if you are using the laptop on a desk and have blocked one of the air vents with a book or something else on the desk, it’s safe to assume the laptop will overheat, regardless of the design! Also, if there are vents under the laptop, you could try propping it over the desk by placing the laptop on a couple of books, taking care not to cover the vents.

It is common for dust and dirt to block air vents. Use a compressed air duster spray to clean the laptop. Apart from air vents, laptops breathe through the keyboard. Therefore, ensure the keyboard is free of any dirt or grime. For more, take a look at the Fellowes CRC 22020 Deluxe Laptop Cleaning Kit [1] at the WorldStart store.

Use Cooling Pads: These pads have a fan that improves laptop cooling. All you have to do is place the laptop on the pad. Considering that the cost of this product is a very small percent of the laptop cost, this is worth the investment. For more, take a look at the PremierTek PT-CP01 Notebook Cooler Pad [2] at the WorldStart store.

~Rupen Sharma