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Laptop vs. Notebook

I would like to buy my granddaughter a computer for her birthday. Can you tell me what the difference is between a laptop and a notebook?

In all reality, laptop and notebook computers are not much different from each other. Back in the beginning years of manufacturing, laptops used to be a little less than 10 pounds and notebooks were known for being even a little more light weight in size. But, in time, the sizes have worked themselves out and come to find out, laptops and notebooks are now just about the same weight. So, with that being the only difference there ever really was between the two types of computers, they are very similar these days.

Laptops and notebooks are obviously more convenient than desktop computers. You can carry them with you everywhere you go, so you can always have your computer when you need it. It’s a little harder to do that with desktops, because they are so much heavier. (I guess you could try taking your desktop to a coffee shop or some place similar, but people might look at you funny!) The light weight of laptops and notebooks is just so handy for computer users. Everyone can benefit from that.

So, when buying a new computer, you don’t really need to check into the differences between a laptop and notebook, because they are very similar. Just make sure you look for one that has all the features and accessories that the user is going to want. For example, if you’re buying for your granddaughter, she may still be in high school or college, so she’ll need some word processing applications for all the papers she has to write. She may also want some cool accessories like a CD burner or a music player. Be sure to plan the features around who will be using the computer the most.

Laptops and notebooks are so compact and they’re perfect for a first time computer owner. They will give you what you need when you need it and nothing could bring more convenience. Hope this helps at least a little bit in your computer buying decisions. Happy shopping!