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LaptopKey – Easy Replacement Keys

Picture this: Your brand new (or maybe a bit older) laptop is working great and your significant other┬ádrops something on it, breaking a key on the keyboard. What do you do? Well, this exact situation happened to one of my co-worker’s, so I found a much cheaper option than replacing the entire keyboard.

LaptopKey.com [1] is a website specializing in providing replacements keys when one breaks on your laptop. The great part about this website is not just the products they offer, but the full installation videos available for how to do the key replacement – as these keyboards can be very tricky to do repairs on. To see a sample video of how detailed these video instructions (this video is for Toshiba A505D, the laptop I needed to repair) click here. [2]

Another great aspect of LaptopKey.com is that they include the full replacement hardware, including the key, the hinge and the cup, so you’ll have all the parts needed to replace a broken key. Finding the right key to order is as simple as searching for your model number or by selecting the manufacturer, series and model through the website’s menu.

The prices for the keys are $4.95 each, with shipping available to many countries.

Next time you (or your significant other) breaks a key don’t worry, LaptopKey.com has you covered.