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Last Print Date in Word 2007

I can’t speak for everyone but I know that when I’m at work I find myself constantly revising the Word documents that I use. Being a teacher, most times that a document is used I find adjustments to the lesson that need to be made for next time.

All those adjustments result in the need for revision dates so that a new version isn’t accidentally replaced with an older one.

So, to that end it would make sense to me that having the last print date field in the file would save me the hassle of not having a revision date… after all, when I need to use the new file I have to print it.

Whatever your reason for wanting the last print date in your document you’ll be glad to know that it’s just a few clicks away from where you are right now.

First, besides placing the cursor where you want the field placed, go to the Insert tab of the Ribbon.

In the Text section, click on the Quick Parts button and choose Field from the list.

When the Field dialog box opens you’re looking for the PrintDate field in the list on the left.


Once the field has been selected you’ll find that the center column becomes active with the field’s properties.

Choose a format for the field and click OK.

With the PrintDate field in place I can always be sure to use the most current version when preparing for the day’s lesson… where will you find this field helpful?