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LastPass – Remember Your Passwords

Are you always forgetting your password? My roommate forgets all the time because she has so many different passwords and is a vigilant password changer. The problem with that is she expects me to help her keep track of them. So I went in search of another solution and found LastPass. 

LastPass is an online password manager, automatic form filler, and text data securer that works across multiple platforms for free. (There is also a premium version if you decide you need more features.) 

Want to see the service in action? Click Support on the navigation strip and then select Screencasts. You can then watch a video for just about every action that you can do with LastPass. You can also get to the User Manual from the Support location, and the Help Center. 

So now you’ve checked it out and it seems like a tool you’d like to use, what do you do next? Well, just click Download from the navigation strip and pick the installer that’s right for your system. You have the option of the Universal Download for Windows, Windows (with separate options for each browser), Macs, Linux, and you can even check out the Mobile section and find downloads for a huge selection of mobile devices. 

This is a great way to keep your information secure, auto fill out forms, and not have to remember a million passwords. Check it out today!

https://lastpass.com/ [1]