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Latest Threats

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Latest Threats

With the new year in full swing, I wanted to give you all a head’s up on some of the most recent virus threats that have been lingering around. Now, if you have an antivirus program installed on your computer, you should be just fine. You are probably not at risk with any of these, but it never hurts to know the information that lies behind them. If you agree, continue reading!

The first one is called SpyLax and it is a virus that hinders a computer from detecting threats. It was discovered on January 10, 2007 (just this last Wednesday). The next goes by the title of W32.Mytob.RD@mm. This one is a mass mailing worm that takes advantage of computers that are protected with weak passwords. This was also found on January 10, 2007. Another found on the same date is W32.Kakavex. This threat acts as a file inspector, but instead spreads itself through executable files. It is also known to steal credit card information. The next one is called CurePCSolution and it was detected on January 9, 2007. This one also limits the detection of threats on a computer.

Trojan.Schoeberl.E is a Trojan horse that automatically lowers a computer’s security settings, among other things. This was also found on January 9, 2007. On the same date, W32.Fujacks!gen was discovered. It falls into the same family as the W32.Fujacks threats. The next three go under the name of Bloodhound.Exploit (115, 116 and 117) and they were all found on January 9, 2007 as well. These are all triggered by opening certain HTML files, e-mails or XLS files.

Those are just a few of the latest threats that have come to the attention of antivirus companies in the last few days. They all have been taken care of for the most part, but if you want more information on any of them, you can find that by searching for their names in any search engine. Now, go stay safe!

~ Erin

Latest Threats

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If your computer has ever been infected by a virus, a worm or even a Trojan (note the difference here [1]), you know how frustrating it can be. Along with running your virus scans regularly, you should also try to keep track of some of the latest threats passing through computers these days. I know that may seem overwhelming, because it seems like there’s TONS out there, but you can go to here for some help (Symantec’s Web site).

Once you get to the site, click on “Latest Threats” (located on the left hand side) and it will take you to a list of the most recent virus related corruptions found. The site will also show you the level of risk of the virus, the date it was discovered and the date of added protection. The site is definitely worth your time to check out every so often to make sure you are keeping your computer as secure and safe as possible!

~ Erin

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