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Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio

Have you ever wanted to learn Hebrew? Well now you can start learning phrases that might be commonly used today!

At this site you can learn Hebrew phrases with audio, study sheets, and videos. To get started choose whether you want Hebrew only or both English and Hebrew. Then select the topic that you want to learn phrases for. Use the arrows on the side of the box to scroll down through all the categories, and then pick one. Then click on the box to hear the audio pronunciation of the phrase you’ll be learning. When you are ready to move onto the next phrase use the arrows on the side to navigate up or down through them. It’s just that easy to get started!

At the bottom of the page click on Videos to learn Hebrew phrase with one of the many videos they’ve provided. There are Hebrew tongue twisters and more! Also at the bottom of the page you can click Study Sheets that you can use to study Hebrew phrases.

This is a neat site that will help you learn Hebrew phrases via audio and video, with prepared study sheets that will help you study what you’ve learned in the audio and video lessons. Check it out today!