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Learnist – A Portal Of Knowledge

Learnist is an awesome, user-curated portal of knowledge! 

When I arrived at the site, I immediately got lost in checking out all the featured articles. I recommend you do too! Because the best way to explore this site is to dive right into the things that interest you. 

On the main page you’ll find a rotating featured section in the dark grey area of the homepage. Below that in the white area of the page you’ll find featured articles divided up by section. For example: News, Science, ProductsReading, Music, Lifestyle, Mathematics, and more! 

You can do more in depth navigation from the navigation strip at the top of the page with the categories: Featured, New, Popular, Art & Design, Technology, Health & Fitness, Education, Science, Food & Drinks, Business, and even more categories can be found in the More drop-down.

The site lets users organizes text, images, video, and audio into curated galleries of educational awesomeness! If you want to curate, you’ll need to sign up. Do this by clicking the Sign Up link at the top of the page. It will open little window where you’ll select to register either via F-connect with Facebook or via your e-mail address. I chose F-connect. Once you’re registered, log in, and then you’ll be presented with another little window that asks you to select some interests. Do that and then check out the page that loaded beneath it  which teaches you how to use Learnist on the web. 

I highly recommend you take the tour that Learnist provides. It shows you everything you need to know to use the site to your best advantage. There are twelve different topics in the tutorial and as you learn them you complete a learning! They will teach you how to tag things, how to create your own learning, how to share information across the web by using it over social media or your blog, and so much more. 

This site is an amazing way to access curated knowledge from all across the web! What will you learn today? 

http://learni.st/category/featured [1]