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Leave Email on the Server

One of the boasts made by web-based email such as AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail is that you can check it anywhere. This is truly an advantage, but some of us only check our mail at home and work, so today I’ll tell you how to leave your pop3 mail on the server to check using more than one computer. This would also come in handy if you and your spouse share an account, but not a computer.

For Outlook Express, just go to the Tools menu and click Accounts. Choose the e-mail account you want, then click Properties. Click the Advanced tab and a menu will come up.


Select “Leave a copy of messages on server” then OK. Now when you check your mail, all the messages will stay and can be checked by your other computer.

What if you want messages removed from the server when you delete them? Just select “Remove from server when deleted…” from the same menu. Pretty easy, isn’t it?


Now, let’s do this in Netscape Mail. Open “Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings”. Choose the e-mail account you want, then click Server Settings and a menu will appear.


Select “Leave messages on server” then OK and you are all set. Netscape also allows you to remove messages when you delete them. Just choose “Delete messages on server when they are deleted locally”.


Now, if you have Firefox go to Tools/Account Settings and click “Server Settings” under the account. Check the box marked “Leave messages on server”.


You also have the option to leave them on the server for a certain time period or to remove them if deleted from the inbox.

MUY IMPORTANTE: Be sure to have one computer set NOT to leave the email on the server or you could clog up your mailbox and stop getting email. The mail left there will also take up space on your ISP’s server which isn’t very nice.

~ David