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Leave My Name Out Of It – Untag Yourself On Facebook

Tagging is a way of identifying friends in photographs on Facebook or calling their attention to a particular post. What if someone has tagged you in a photo or status and you don’t like it? Maybe the photo is unflattering or embarrassing or maybe you were mistakenly tagged. Someone may have tagged you out of spite. (I know of someone who tagged her ex-boyfriend in a photo of a pig. Don’t get any ideas.)  This is definitely a 21st century problem.  Fortunately, it’s easily solved.  

Select the offending photo and choose the little pencil symbol in the upper right corner.Choose “Edit or Remove.” or choose “Options” at the bottom of the picture if you have the photo full-sized.


In the drop-down menu, select “Report/remove tag.”


You will be given the option to remove the tag or report the photo to Facebook and request it be removed from the site. Usually, you would just choose “I want to untag myself.”  If someone has a group photo that shows you with your bad 11th grade haircut and jerky high school sweetheart, it’s not really fair to report that person or have their photos removed. Now, if someone has misappropriated one of your photos or tagged you in something offensive, reporting them is the way to go. It’s probably best to ask the person to remove you before you report him or her. 


If you are tagged in statuses or links, hover your pointer over the upper right until you get an X symbol. You will see the option to report or remove. Just select remove.


Congratulations! You are now untagged.

 – Cynthia