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Legends of America

This site’s slogan is “A Travel Site for the Nostalgic and Historic Minded.” You’ll find tons of fun travel information from Ghost Towns to Treasure Tales and there is even a Photo Gallery for those of us who like visuals.

What’s New — This tells you what has been recently added to the site.

American History — Here you can learn all about America’s History from books you can read to bits of valuable information. There are quite a few good reads in this section like “Women of the American West”, “Nicodemus, KS—A Black Pioneer Town”, and “The Largest Land Grant in U.S. History” to name a few.

Ghost Towns — Find books you can read on ghost towns, plus a listing of Ghost Towns by state. There is obviously the famous Tombstone, but there others too like Diablo’s Canyon, Calico, St. Elmo, White Cloud and many more.

Legendary Route 66 — Most everyone has heard of Route 66 if you live in the U.S. It is one famous road. Now you can read all about its history and even check out some trivia on the subject too.

Photo Galleries — This section is categorized by State. Pick a State, then a gallery, and you are on your way to some really awesome pictures of these places. I loved the Tombstone set, and the Route 66 set. But they were actually all really good so spend some time here checking them out.

Treasure Tales — My dad loves tales of treasure, so this section made me think of him. Here you can read all about the lost treasures that are supposedly just waiting for someone to find them. There is some general treasure information, but then you can search State by State for interesting tales of treasure to beguile you.

This site paints a rich and vivid tale of the History and fun to be found around America.