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LEGOtron Mark I

I have had a lifetime love affair with LEGO’s. They are still my favorite toy to play with when I’m babysitting my friend’s children. I love the amount of creativity that can come from assembling little blocks into whatever the imagination designs.

So considering my love of LEGO’s, this site was just too cool not to share with all of you. The author of the site, Cary Norton built a working camera made of LEGO’s for fun! How neat is that?! I love when people strike on moments of brilliance because they’ve just got an inkling to make something.

Just scroll down the page to learn all about how Cary built this camera, what materials were  used, and see lots of awesome photographs of all it all came together. There are even photos posted that were taken with the LEGOtron Mark I.

After you’ve checked all of that out, scroll back up to the top of the page and click the link Check It Out Here for the update! (Or you can click here [1]).The update has more pictures that were taken with the LEGOtron Mark I, and the author’s response to the overwhelming feedback on the camera. There is also an announcement for an upcoming video where more questions will be answered. And there are pictures of the tripod also built out of LEGO’s.

What are you waiting for? Go check out the LEGOtron Mark I today!

http://carynorton.com/legotron-mark-i [2]