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Lets Make Sausage

Have you ever wanted to make your own sausage, but you weren’t sure what you needed or how to get started? Well that’s the quandary I found myself in, so I found a site that would teach me everything I needed to know! And after finding it, I decided it was so awesome that I absolutely had to share it with all of you! 

What I really love is that you don’t have to hunt for information on this site. On the main page, the author lays out what you need to know under the bolded heading Here’s What I’m Going to Show You, and provides links to each step. If you visit them in the order laid out on the main page, you’ll know exactly what tools you need, what special supplies might be used, and then step by step with pictures the actual process of making sausages. 

If you already know how to make sausage, don’t run away just yet, there are plenty of cool things for you to do here too! Check out the left side menu for all the other things that can be found on the site like Smoking (if you want smoked sausage), the different varieties of sausage you can make, sausage recipes, and even a section devoted to jerky!

http://www.lets-make-sausage.com/ [1]