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Lexical Word Finder

Ever since I discovered the application Words with Friends for my smart phone I’ve been hooked. Basically it is a version of scrabble that you can play either on your phone or via Facebook. While I was looking for some help making a word online with a very odd assortment of letters (as in they didn’t make any word I knew of) I discovered this site!

Lexical Word Finder brings you scrabble word-finding help for a variety of games. At the bottom of the page you can select which game you are playing from Scrabble, Lexulous, WordWise, Super Scrabble, Words with Friends, Wordsmith, Literati, Wordfeud, and AbbleDabble.

After selecting the game you’re playing type in the tiles you have at hand in the blank text field. For a blank tile insert a space. Then click Search and it will find you the highest scoring word for the letters you have.

Another nice feature is that you can type in the other words on your board. Just click the spaces on the board and then enter a letter. With this feature you can make this board match the board you are playing on. Then it will offer the best suggestion for the highest scoring word based off of the actual set up of your game.

I hope you check this site out and win many a game of scrabble no matter which version you’re playing.

http://www.lexicalwordfinder.com/ [1]