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Librarian’s Index of the Internet: Photos

I’m bringing you the photograph collections of this site. They range from Aerial to Regional, Panoramic to Stereoscopic, Nature to Science, so you are assured that you will probably find something you like here. Hey you’ll even see some of those daguerreotypes that I’ve recommended before.

Now when you visit each topic you will be directed to a listing of sites with definitions of what they contain, because this is an index. So if you have a favorite type of photography you are likely to find several sites that you will enjoy. There are a ton of galleries to browse.

For example, if you go to “Landscapes” you’ll get almost a search engine indexing of sites. I checked out the very first one that came up – Between Home and Heaven. Excellent photos of the landscapes of America. But that was just one of the first twenty results. It’s very easy to find the subject you’re looking for and then spend hours viewing the different galleries.

If you know of a site that has a photographic collection that you think would be a bonus for them to add to their index, you can click the “Suggest a Site” link at the top of the page. What’s nice about this feature is that you can request a reply. So you’ll know if they’ve added it or if they found it unsuitable. You can also Submit Comments and Questions by clicking the “Comment” link. This works in very much the same fashion as submitting a site.

Don’t be afraid to get lost among the galleries. It’s just about as good as going to the library and getting lost in the stacks of your favorite book category. Enjoy!