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LibreOffice: The Ideal USB Office Suite

Ever wished you could carry a fully-equipped office suite with you on a USB drive? I’m not talking about notepad or some basic word processor, but rather, a portable version of the incredibly popular and open source LibreOffice. LibreOffice includes Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base and Math. These programs are 100% compatible with Microsoft Office and Corel Office document formats, and operate much like Microsoft Office 2003.

The process for installing the portable version of LibreOffice is very simple. You can download the installer by clicking here [1] and selecting the PortableApps package. Run the installer. Once it’s downloaded and you are prompted for the installation location, plug in your USB flash drive. Choose the flash drive by clicking the browse button and selecting the flash drive letter. In the example below, I’ve selected to install it to F:\LibreOfficePortable (F is my USB flash drive). Click install, and let the process finish.

Once the installation is complete, you can launch Libre Office from any computer by plugging in your USB flash drive, opening the flash drive, and double-clicking on LibreOfficePortable directory. From there, click on any of the LibreOffice applications to launch them. Since they will run from the USB drive, no installation rights will be required, and no files will remain on the computer you’re using.


This is a really fantastic tool for people who share computers, or even for those who want to run an office suite on a public computer or school computer. LibreOffice is also ideal for people who need the ability to edit documents wherever they go, even if the computer they are working with does not have an office suite installed.

Here is an example of LibreOffice writer, which is the equivalent of Microsoft Word.

You can access more information on LibreOffice, including fantastic tutorials and help features, by clicking here [2]


P.S. The speed of your flash drive will greatly affect how fast the portable version of LibreOffice runs. I would recommend a USB 3.0 flash drive if you have a USB 3.0 port, and one that features faster file access speeds or dual channel memory.