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Hot off of the creator’s desktop comes a new program called Lightning that is like a cross between a super clipboard, Window’s Quick Launch toolbar, NotePad and a screenshot manager all rolled into one. Lightning’s goal is to speed up the normal repetitive procedures that one finds themselves performing throughout the day. It achieves this by creating a simple interface that can be pulled up quickly using a two button key combination (Cntrl + Win Key). Other than a shortcut on your desktop, there are really no other indications that Lightning is installed, or even running on your PC. That is, until you strike the key combination to pull up the interface.

Lightning brings a pretty interesting mix of lightweight applications together that really help to increase efficiency by bundling and centrally locating frequently used resources.

Lightning Applications:

There are also configuration and setting controls that allow you to change the different aspects of the program, such as color, storage location for the various components, auto save, auto start and almost everything can be augmented to your strategy. If you do choose to try Lightning, the program walks you through a semi-tutorial so you know how to use all of the features as soon as it’s installed.

Download Lightning for yourself here and see if it can take the speed bumps out of your daily PC use!

~ Chad