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I heard of a CD label program called LightScribe the other day. What’s that all about?

I just heard about this too! Chad, our tech support guru, came over to my office and was telling me all about it. He was in here just raving about it and then I heard him go tell everyone else in the office about it. We all thought it seemed pretty cool too, so after I got this question in my e-mail, I was all about researching it to see what it really is all about.

LightScribe is a new technology that works with an optical disc recording utility. With LightScribe, you can place laser-etched labels on your recordable CDs and DVDs. So, if you usually use stick-on labels for your CDs, you’ll be amazed at what LightScribe can do. You need to have the optical disc writer, the LightScribe software and special LightScribe coated discs in order for the labeling to work.

Basically, what you do is burn the data you want on the CD or DVD (whether it’s music or a movie, etc.) on the read side of the disc. Once that’s done, you flip the disc over and insert it in the optical disc writer. This turns it to the label side so the magic can start! The laser then begins its work and when it’s done, you have an awesome label on your disc that could never be replaced.

Your label can say whatever you want it to as well. If you have a CD with your favorite songs on it, you could make a song list or just name it “My Favorite Songs.” If it’s a movie, write the name of the movie on the label so you’ll never forget which one is on that particular DVD. Or maybe you have a disc full of pictures that you would like to save forever. Give them a name like “Family Photos” to keep in your memory forever. LightScribe has a whole label gallery that you can browse through and download as well. Below is just a small example of a label.

The special LightScribe discs are coated with a reactive dye that helps the label come to life. With this dye, your label will never show signs of fading from too much sunlight, etc. You should still keep these discs in a safe and protected spot, but the labels will last a long time. The discs can also be relabeled if you ever decide to change the design. You just have to choose your new label and then let the writer go to work! It can be done several times, in fact.

LightScribe was created by a Hewlett-Packard engineer and it’s fairly new, but they are trying to get it out to more manufacturers, media personnel and software developers. Although it is an up and coming piece of equipment, you may be able to find the optical writers at your local computer stores. You can always check to see if they’ve made their way there yet and if not, you can always check back. They’ll be there soon!

If you’d like to learn even more about LightScribe, check out this site.

~ Erin