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Link It Up

Link It Up

So, it seems that we’re all ready for our adventure into the land of MS PowerPoint hyperlinks, so I’ll get the ride underway.

Besides having the presentation open, you need to decide where you need to make a jump.

“Jump where?” you ask.

Well, just about anywhere you might need to go—another slide in the show, a custom show, a URL on the web, a different presentation, or even a file from a completely different program.

Got a slide that needs a link?

Yes? Good.

Now the question is: what to link.

If you want the link to be a few words, then highlight the exact text. If you want the link to be an entire text box then select the outside edge of the text box (so that the cursor is not blinking in the text).

You could also choose to link a picture, drawing object, etc.

There’s really a lot of choices—take your pick.

Once you’ve picked your item to hyperlink select it by clicking on it once.

Time to link: go to the Slide Show menu, Action Settings choice.

The “Action Settings” window will open giving you your options.


As you can see, you have two tabs to choose from. One sets actions for when you click on (Mouse Click) your object and the other sets an action for when you run your mouse pointer over it (Mouse Over).

Choose the tab that suits your needs the best.

Now it’s time to tell PowerPoint where you want to go when the selected object is activated.

At the top, just below the “None” choice, you’ll see the “Hyperlink to:” option.

Select this choice and the drop down list will become active.


As you can see, there are a lot of choices—but they’re all pretty self-explanatory.

Select the item from the list that gives you the action you need.

Immediately, if necessary, a window will open allowing you to set a URL, pick a custom show, choose a slide to jump to, select a file or program to open. Basically, whatever you’re looking to accomplish, you’ll be given the window appropriate to make your choices.

When you’ve finished making your selections click OK.

You’ll be returned to the Hyperlink window where you can make a few more choices at the bottom concerning sound and highlighting.

Again, make your selection and Click OK.

Hyperlink created.

Keep in mind that if your link sends you down a “side road” in the presentation you may need to go to another slide at the end of the “side road” to create a link that brings you back to the “main highway”.

Once you’ve got your links placed, try running your show and clicking on the linked objects.

You should find yourself jump – jump – jumping around as only a hyperlink will allow you to do.

~ April