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Little Albums

Welcome to Little Albums! A great place to make online baby books/albums, and it’s free! (It does cost money if you order a print copy of your book.)

One of my best friends had twins this year and has been looking for a nice way to make a baby book online. She mentioned this to me and I got on the hunt to find a great place where she could make a baby album. I found Little Albums and sent her the link. After she explored it and got back to me about her experience I decided it was worth sharing with all of you.

To get started you’ll need to register for an account. To do that click the Register button, and fill out the form with your e-mail address, your name, create a password and fill out the human checker (Captcha). Then head to the e-mail address that you signed up for an account with and click the verification link to verify your account.  (I should warn you, I found my verification e-mail in the SPAM folder so be sure to check for it there if it doesn’t show up in your inbox.)

Your next step is to Add A Child, you’ll find this option on the lower right side of the page. To add a child you’ll need your child’s first, middle, and last name, as well as the date of birth and a photo! Once your child is added you can update their book with milestones, create journal entries, or you can even add another child.

Once you’ve added a few milestones and journal entries, you can click Start a Book and start putting your baby album together. I did run into a few errors during this process and I would suggest if you do, contact the site owner. And if you have any questions make sure to check out the FAQ tab at the top of the page where a lot of common questions are answered!

http://www.littlealbums.com/ [1]