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Live Science

This is an interesting Science site with intriguing articles like discovering why you can’t tickle yourself! The site is divided up into categories: Animal World, Human Biology, Forces of Nature, Environment, Technology, Science Fiction, History, and Other News.

The front page of the site is full of the top stories from different sections. And if you scroll further down you’ll be able to read more of the top headlines, check out the Cool Stuff section (I recommend the Cool Stuff section as a must see) and check out the Daily Spotlight.

When I was visiting some of the neatest stuff was in the Cool Stuff section like: 10 Ways to Destroy the Earth, Hurricanes at Eye Level, Bird’s of Prey, Spot Today’s Dinosaurs, and Avian Ancestors: Dinosaurs that Learned to Fly. Those were by far my favorites.

In the “More Headlines” area an interesting headline was “New Robot Looks Striking Human”.

I hope you have as much fun exploring this site as I did!

http://www.livescience.com/ [1]