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Live Search Books

Now that you’ve told us about the Google Book Search, please inform us about Microsoft’s version of a book search. I’m very intrigued to learn more about it.

Wow, you all know a good thing when you hear about it, don’t you?! It was just yesterday that I mentioned something about Microsoft’s new book search and I already had several questions about it from all of you. Of course, in yesterday’s tip, I went over the book search managed by Google, but once I found out Microsoft was launching one too, I wanted to fill you all in on the differences between the two. So, for all you anxious readers, this one’s for you!

The news of Microsoft’s book search just came about this past Tuesday (December 5, 2006), but it’s already making a buzz around the Internet. Microsoft’s version is called Live Search Books and as I said earlier, they are going up against their competitor, Google. The concept of the book search goes along the same lines as the Windows Live Search [1] and how it searches the Internet for information. The Live Search Books will do the same in scanning the Internet for books.

This new program also goes along with Microsoft’s book scanning project that they have been working on for some time now. Users can search for books by using a regular search engine. When someone performs a search, keywords are used to filter out the results. The search only includes the books that have been scanned via the scanning project.

Live Search Books also has a feature called “Search inside a book,” which gives the users the opportunity to search the full text versions of the books. Right now, the search includes books that have no copyright date and only books that have been scanned from the collections of the British Library, the University of California and the University of Toronto. Other locations, such as the New York Public Library, Cornell University and the American Museum of Veterinary Medicine, are said to be included in the very near future. Other copyright books from publishers who have given permission will also join the search soon.

Now, the one big difference between Microsoft’s and Google’s book searches is that Microsoft only offers up full text versions of the books. Google doesn’t offer that for every single book. The books can be downloaded onto your computer from a PDF format, so if you would like to search for books yourself, be sure to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer before you begin.

As of right now, Microsoft’s Live Search Books is only in the beta form, but they hope to release a full version within the next six months. They only want to bring the best results to their users and they plan to continue doing that with this book search. If you’re interested in it now, make sure you keep your eyes open for additional features and offers to come. You never know what could be around the corner.

If you would like to start searching with Live Search Books today, head on over to the search engine Web site here. Enter in a keyword of the topic you would like to search for in the search engine box and you will be on your way to your very own book search.

Happy searching!

~ Erin