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Lizzie Marie Cuisine

Welcome to Lizzie Marie Cuisine, a website devoted to eleven year old Chef Lizzie Marie’s adventures in the kitchen. Here you’ll find tips, recipes, and product reviews!

I would start your visit to the site by checking out the About Lizzie Marie section – it is where you can learn all about how Lizzie Marie started cooking and fell in love with creating delicious, healthy food. She started her adventures in the kitchen when she was just three by helping her mom make applesauce!

Then I would head back the main page and just start reading her tips, recipes, and reviews. You’ll find them set up blog style, so all you have to do is scroll down the page and click Older Posts or Newer Posts to navigate back and forth.

I am in love with Lizzie Marie’s recipes! They are filled with fresh and delicious ingredients with easy prep. My favorite so far that I’ve made is the Pea Ravioli. You can find it here [1]! I left out the red pepper flakes because my roommate hates spicy things and they were still delish!

http://www.lizziemariecuisine.com/ [2]