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Looking for Another Word

Ever find that you overuse a particular word in an MS Word document?

So, here you are trying to come up with another word (also known as a synonym), but you’re having no luck. What do you do?

You could pull out the old reference book and start looking or you could let Word do that for you!

Hmmm, what a big decision!

Who wouldn’t have the program do the looking?

It’s at this moment that you need Word’s thesaurus. The only question now is: where is it?

Well, if you’re inclined to use menus, you’ll find it buried in the Tools menu, Language submenu.

If you’re more in tune with keyboard shortcuts, you simply need to remember Shift + F7.

Highlight the word you need to replace (if you don’t highlight it, Word will automatically select the word to the left of the cursor) and hit Shift + F7.

The thesaurus window will open like this:

On the left, the selected word is listed along with meanings. On the right, there are suggested synonyms. (Antonyms may also be listed and will be noted as such).

Find a word that suits your needs, select it and click Replace.

Poof! A different word where Word did all the work!

~ April