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Lori Nix

I hope you’re ready to be wowed! Lori Nix is an amazing artist who builds dioramas and then photographs them. She creates micro worlds that capture a feeling of danger, disaster, whimsy, and humor. 

About – I 100% suggest that you check out this section before looking at her work. Nix answers questions about the inspiration and creation of her work, as well as her role as a non-traditional photographer. Reading this first will give you a deeper insight into the skill and artistry in her pieces. 

Work – under this heading you’ll find links to the different series of work that Nix has completed. Your options are: The City, Unnatural History, Lost, Some Other Place, and Accidentally Kansas. My favorite series is The City, and my favorite piece within that is Library. I also really enjoyed the whimsical nature of Some Other Place. 

I really think that her work stands on  its own, and you don’t need me to extol its virtues over and over, so just go see it for yourself!

http://www.lorinix.com/ [1]