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Love and Olive Oil

Welcome to Love and Olive Oil. This is one of my favorite food blogs. So much so, that I visit it daily to see what’s new. I think I’m attracted to this blog because it is beautifully designed (I absolutely love their theme), and it is fun to go on food journeys with cooks like myself who love to explore food and try new things.

You’ll notice at the top of the page the little About Us blurb, if you click more you can read all about Lindsay and Taylor and their quest to keep their recipes wallet friendly and full of flavor! I like when blog’s have really personal about sections, because if you’re going to keep reading their work it is really awesome to have a reference as to what their life is like!

What has kept me coming back to this blog time and again? Well it would have to be all the tasty recipes! I’ve made so many of the recipes that they have posted and they have all been absolutely delicious! The other thing that always brings me back for another helping of food blogging goodness is the fact that they use the most luscious pictures of the dishes they make.

My favorite thing I’ve made has been these Sugar Cookie Bars [1]! I have so little patience for rolling out sugar cookies and then painstakingly icing them. Yet, I adore sugar cookies. This recipe takes everything that is wonderful about sugar cookies and gets rid of the annoying steps – chilling dough, rolling and cutting out cookies, icing them – and replaces them with a quick and easy bar cookie that you frost in a jiffy. I will be making these instead of sugar cookies all the time now! And I’m definitely swapping out my old icing recipe for this delicious frosting. I could have just eaten that without the cookies!

I also love that sometimes they do a theme ingredient for a week. For example August 10th – 18th was basil week, and all the entries for those dates featured recipes using basil as a main ingredient.

Right now I’m just waiting for grocery day to come so I can pick up the ingredients to make their Yellow Summer Squash and Corn Soup [2]. It looks so yummy!

http://www.loveandoliveoil.com/ [3]