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Do you want to create a fan page, but don’t know how? Well all you need to do is visit this site where you can set up a fan page for your favorite band, event, club, book, and more in minutes! All you need to do is create a Facebook fan page, and then head on over to Heyo to start customizing it today.

I suggest that you start by viewing the video on the main page. It shows you how the site works and how you can use it to make your fan site awesome in no time at all.  This is a great solution for building a fan site because it doesn’t require you to learn code! All you have to do is drag and drop the items you want and then publish them to your fan page.

After watching the video, you’ll need to register an account so that you can save your changes.  To do so, just fill out the form on the main page, click the green Create My Account button and you’ll be whisked away to the fan site creation area.  It will want to F-Connect to your Facebook account, so you should probably register with e-mail account that you made the fan page with. If you haven’t made the fan page yet, it will f-connect you and then walk you through the page creation.

After you have a fan page set up, you can then start creating your tab. (I had to log in and then back out for it find the page I created through it, though.)  Once it finds the page, click continue, then name the tab, and click continue. If it times out while creating the tab (this happened to me), log in again and it will be there. Click edit tab, and you can now drag and drop any of the features you want to have on your tab, as shown in the video. When you’re done click publish!

What I really like, as you’re adding widgets to your fan page, is that when you select each one it brings up the form you need to fill in to add the widget. I also like that hey also have a link to View the Tutorial, which will open a tutorial video that walks you through what you need to do for the current step. It’s very helpful!

This site does make it incredibly easy to make a fan page for your favorite bands, products, artists, etc. Go check it out today!

https://heyo.com/?lujure=true [1]