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I discovered LuxeFinds while exploring pins on Pinterest.  I would recommend starting in the About Us section because they really tell you what their site is about and who uses the site regularly. It’s a luxury lifestyle curated collection geared towards women. But hold onto your hats, because I don’t personally find it gender-specific!

Sure, men may not care about wedding, beauty and fashion, or home décor information, but they do like food, travel, and family. So don’t think that you can’t visit it because it’s geared towards women (no really, the food section has treats in it that are to die for).

The site is really easy to use. You can navigate it in two ways. The first way is to click into the category that you want to browse from the navigation bar. The categories are Weddings, Beauty and Fashion, Home Décor, Food, Travel, and Family. Or you can use the drop down menu to select that category you want and then type in a keyword into the search engine. For example, you could set the category to Food and then type in a keyword like dessert, and you’ll be presented with a bevy of dessert posts!

Once you’ve selected a category and the blog results come up, just click the image or title to be whisked away to the blog post. These posts may contain book reviews, product reviews, recipes, DIY, tutorials, etc. This is a great way to discover new blogs all around the net.

I love this site! And I hope that you will too. It can come in handy for so many different life events whether you’re planning date night, a family vacation, or the wedding of your dreams! Check it out today!

http://luxefinds.com/index.php [1]