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Mac Programs

I know WorldStart usually only runs tips for the Windows operating systems, but I have a Mac and I was wondering if you could tell me about any applications I might want to look out for?

Yes, you are right. We here at WorldStart usually focus more on the Windows operating systems and to be honest, we mainly do that because most of our readers use Windows. It’s very rare that we find a reader who uses a Mac. But, that doesn’t mean you aren’t out there and that’s obvious from today’s question. So, I have done some researching and I believe I have found some information that all Mac users will love. This tip is dedicated to all you Mac users out there!

I have found a few applications that are meant just for Mac computers. They are 10 of the most popular programs that have debuted in the last few years. Here we go!

1.) Boink – Formerly known as myTunes and brought to you by SonicSwap, this is a great iTunes companion. Although it’s similar, it brings its own personality to the table. You can manage your own music with it, check out what your friends are listening to, download playlists and so much more. Check it out here and see for yourself!

2.) Backdrop – Do you like to take a lot of screenshots on your OS X machine? If you do, you’ve got to check this one out. Backdrop makes it super easy to take personalized screenshots by changing the color of your desktop background. That’s not all it does either. Take a look at it and download it right here.

3.) WikiNotes – Are you an avid Wiki user? If so, you’ve got to try WikiNotes and make your own for yourself. This application is perfect for taking notes and planning out different projects. You can give it a try just by clicking on this link.

4.) Dashboard Kickstart – Do you already use Dashboard? Isn’t it frustrating how long it takes for it to load up most of the time? By the time it does, you’re probably ready to just forget about the whole thing anyway. Well, you don’t have to worry about that any longer. With Dashboard Kickstart, Dashboard will automatically start when you turn on your Mac and all of your widgets and everything will be ready for you to use! Check it out here.

5.) Desktop Calendar – Would you like to have your very own calendar on your desktop? It would be pretty convenient to have. You could just look at your monitor to see the date you’re looking for instead of searching all over your house for one to look at. The calendars you get with Desktop Calendar are easy to use and design, completely customizable and they will look very sleek on your desktop. Try it for yourself by clicking on this link.

6.) CocoaMySQL – If you have any other MySQL applications on your Mac, this new program will really help you out. It has an easy to use interface and it makes managing your databases so simple. It’s perfect for any OS X machine. Check it out and download it right here.

7.) Service Scrubber – How many items do you have in your services menu? Too many to count? Well, it might be time for you to clean that out a little then and Service Scrubber can help you do just that. It helps you to clear out any unnecessary applications you may have in your menu. When you do this, you’ll see how useful your services menu really can be. You won’t know until you try. Check it out here.

8.) NightShift – Like to have Safari on your Mac machine? Want to always have the latest updates for it? If you do (and who wouldn’t?!), you’ve got to give NightShift a try. It will automatically download the most recent Webkit build for you, which will allow you to run the best Safari you can possibly have. Try it out here.

9.) FreeDMG – Do you make a lot of DMG files? If so, this application will help you to do that, but much easier. No more wasting your precious time waiting for your DMG files to complete. With FreeDMG, you can have them done in a matter of seconds. Check it out here.

10.) AsyncKeys – Use the hotkeys on your keyboard quite often? Then you won’t want to miss out on this application. AsyncKeys helps you find all of the codes you need for the ASCII (and other formats) characters you use regularly on your keyboard. Your hotkeys will never be faster! Give it a shot by clicking on this link.

Well, there you have it. Ten Mac applications that any Mac user would be crazy to pass up. Keep in mind that all of these are only good for the OS X operating system. Once you try any one of these, you’ll never go back. I guarantee it! Mac users: I hope you enjoy!

~ Erin