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Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Pop quiz – Do you know where the installation CDs for your Microsoft Windows and Office are? If you can’t pinpoint them right now, you’re not alone.

In fact, just last week my home computer crashed and I wanted to reinstall Windows, but when I when I went to look for the CDs, they were nowhere to be found! I began to have a panic attack because on the envelope of the CDs is the Windows Product ID which states that you have a legal, authentic copy of Windows. Without the Product ID, I had no proof that I was using a legitimate version of Windows, not an illegal bootleg, and I would not be able to contact Microsoft or my computer manufacturer for a replacement installation disk. Luckily, I found the box that came with my computer, including the CDs in their envelopes. I also learned a valuable lesson about keeping a safe record of the Product IDs of all my computers with Windows. There is a utility named Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder that makes it super simple to get a copy of all Product IDs and I strongly suggest you check it out, because you never know when disaster could strike your computer!

Microsoft Windows stores all of your Product IDs in the registry. We cannot access this information directly using the Registry Editor, however, because it is encrypted. JellyBean Keyfinder solves this dilemma by decrypting the files, and displaying them in a neat interface. To use Keyfinder, all it takes is two simple steps…

First, install Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder from this link [1]. Scroll down and look for the blue Download button. Just below that button are two choices for the download; the zip file or the installer file. Select which you’d like and click on that.

You can download the ZIP folder – simply extract, and then double click on keyfinder.exe. Or, if you want, you can download the KeyFinderInstaller.exe file.

patel_jellykey_1 [2]

The Jelly Bean Keyfinder interface will open up. It’s exceptionally easy to navigate. On the left hand side you can see all of the products installed on your system. This utility picks up any programs from Microsoft, Adobe, and some others.

Simply highlight an option and the CD Key, the Product ID, and additional information will be displayed in the right pane. Easy as pie!


The simplest way to store all of this valuable data is simply to select File, and Print a full list. Put this hardcopy in a safe place, where you won’t lose it!

patel_jellykey_3 [3]

So just to reiterate, what is the Product ID good for? Well, if you ever need replacement software either from Microsoft or another manufacturer, you need to have your Product ID handy so they can verify that you obtained the product legally.

Also, if you want to transfer your software license from one computer to the other, you can simply uninstall from the original computer and reinstall, but once again you need the Product ID. Hopefully you learned today that the Product ID of your software is very important!


~ Jay Neil Patel